What is the “Metaverse”?

The word metaverse is unfamiliar, but meta means “topmost” and verse means
“world”. In other words, it is “all the world perceived as a higher level”. The
metaverse combines four categories: AR (Augmented Reality), Mirror World,
lifelogging (the act of recording one’s daily life with a portable camera or digital
device), and Virtual World.
The word metaverse originated from Neal Stephenson’s 1992 novel Snow Crash.
The word that comes with this word is the avatar. The metaverse has the
potential to grow strongly. Artificial intelligence (AI) has also grown
tremendously after 75 years of not seeing the light, thanks to the
development of deep learning and hardware created by Jeffrey Hinton in 2012.
The metaverse will go the same way.
Market research firm Gartner also referred to the term “multi-experience” in
10 strategic technologies released last year, highlighting the need to pay
attention to the interactions taking place in the metaverse.
Recently, Nreal, a startup in Beijing, China, launched AR Glass, and LG Uplus
(Top3 operator in Korea) imported 1000 units of this product and sold it for
699,000 Korean Won. Sold out in an instant. That much interest. Oculus device
by Face book is also supporting the great popularity of metaverse. The price
has become very cheap, and the display performance has improved. It is
expected that Apple will create an important impact in a similar way as the
Smartphone ecosystem is universal.

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AR & VR content

Connectivity w/zero margin cost and faster speed

Qatar Meta Cup SDK supports the most basic AR/VR functions

Qatar Meta Cup Studio where
users or creators can register, reproduce, or sell the 3D / 2D objects


“Programmability also allows for rapid iteration and experimentation,
which is essential for the metaverse. Today, if rent is too high in
physical cities, people cannot simply bring prices down by quickly
building more units. There is an arduous process filled with red tape
and government approvals that can take years to complete. The
metaverse, on the other hand, allows unlimited optionality as it’s
programmable. One virtual world might have a height limit and
expensive prices, but someone could just build another virtual world
with zero height limit and cheap land. The programmable, expansive
nature of the environment gives users the freedom to do whatever
they please.”

Easy Monetization

“Imagine if we could only transact in the metaverse Monday-Friday during
bank business hours. Or imagine if sending a payment in the metaverse
took 3-5 business days (just like a bank wire). That would be a terrible
experience. Guess what I am going to say next? Blockchain solves this!
Public blockchains (like Ethereum) are global, uncensorable, 24/7
financial systems — exactly what a metaverse needs to thrive.”

Permission less Innovation

“Epic Games wanted to reduce the 30% app store fee so it could offer
items to its users at cheaper prices. This is just one example of a
gatekeeper stopping a company from doing something that benefits its
users. The open-source nature of blockchains means that stuff like this isn’t
possible. If a company puts up barriers, then anyone can build around it.
Blockchains enable a world of permission less innovation that’s
required for a metaverse to fully evolve.”

Qatar Meta Cup

Meta Cup:

Qatar Meta Cup is a platform that allows even more participants to
jointly create and accumulate AR & VR content on top of the platform
developed based on the experience, skills, and content.

Use Cases of Qatar Meta Cup :

First, anyone can use the Qatar Meta Cup Studio authoring tools provided by
Qatar Meta Cup to create metaverse content such as AR/VR stickers or 3D
object and use devices such as Smartphone, tablets, applications.

The Future of Qatar Meta Cup:

Qatar Meta Cup aims to evolve into a platform that is more than just a
marketplace where various digital AR/VR content could be distributed to and from anywhere in the world without being limited by device, operating system, or infrastructure.


Our method and vision

Web OS environment:

Web OS environment refers to an environment that can be run / operated on a Web OS such as Chrome OS, and it is a runtime environment specific to a web browser much like Chrome Extensions and Chrome Apps.

Embedded environment :

Embedded environment refers to a standard web base runtime environment
that can be used by devices such as AR/VR glasses. This environment provides
a virtual web runtime environment so as to avoid runtime environment.

WebGL Engine

WebGL Engine supports the final runtime environment in which most OpenGL
2D/3D objects, scenarios, and scenes are interpreted and run by the relevant
engine. The AR/VR WebGL Engine has the following interfaces and engin.s,

Qatar Meta Cup Studio

Qatar Meta Cup Studio is a software package made up of tools that allows the
creation of Qatar Meta Cup Applications, which are finished product of
Qatar Meta Cup. Users will be able to directly create and upload various
types of digital work through Qatar Meta Cup Studio. Qatar Meta Cup Studio
currently supports web-based services, and in near future, it will provide
authoring tools that support native desktop app development environments
where high quality 3D content can be created directly, as well as an IDE
(Integrated Development Environment) allowing developers to easily
develop AR apps using the latest AR technologies.

How it works


The IDE (Integrated Development Environment) where AR/VR content and apps can be created using Qatar Meta Cup Studio, which provides an authoring tool similar to Unity or Unreal where AR/VR content and apps can be created. A single program that provides a development environment where all of the works that go into developing a program including importing assets created using existing 3D / 2D creation tools (Maya, 3D Max, Photoshop, etc.), creating scenes to fit the application scenarios, connecting scenes together, adjusting the order of scenes, and all of the related coding, debugging, compiling, and distribution can be done.

Qatar Meta Cup SDK

Qatar Meta Cup SDK supports the most basic AR/VR functions, such as the basic AR/VR Plug-in / Face Tracking Plug=in / Geo Location Plug-in / Object Tracking Plug-in / Hand Tracking Plug-in in an SDK (Software Development Kit) form. The SDK supports the add-on of individual AR/VR technologies through an Open Interface Plug-in format, and will also allow for the inclusion of support for existing devices and a diverse array of compatible open-source AR/VR technologies through the Plug-in Interface of the SDK.

The Asset Market

The Asset Market is a marketplace within the Qatar Meta Cup Studio where users or creators can register, reproduce, or sell the 3D / 2D objects, or scenes that apply various service scenarios, that they have created; the creations can be registered and sold / shared free of charge or for a price, and a developer or a service provider can use this marketplace to create AR/VR content and apps using pre-existing assets.

The Build / Debug tool

The Build / Debug tool allows for building and debugging AR/VR content/apps projects in DApp binary form, and creates a proper DApp binary for the DApp’s runtime environment. The final build environment will provide support for device-optimized DApp binaries by providing debugging and preview functions that can check optimization and proper implementation for each device.

The distribution tool

The distribution tool is a tool that allows finalized AR/VR content and apps to be distributed via the Qatar Meta Cup Cloud, and as such, it supports product registration, price registration, sales, releases, and service controls for the product in question. The final form will be similar to the current mobile app market registration screen; however, the big difference will be that products will be able to be distributed to the Qatar Meta Cup Cloud, in addition to which the use logs for the relevant product will be trackable due to the blockchain.

Qatar Meta Cup Blockchain

Blockchain is the key to the metaverse and Qatar Meta Cup blockchain is
reflected in the design to capture the ideals pursued in the metaverse.
Big players such as Facebook, Apple, Google, and Microsoft are also
part of the metaverse but a true metaverse is only possible with
blockchain technology. Key piece of infrastructure of the metaverse
would be digital identities, digital assets, and its rights. The Qatar Meta
Cup is implemented with blockchain technology and QBlock (Qatar Meta
Cup Blockchain) was developed by reflecting all the important elements
in the metaverse. According to Andrew Steinwold, the followings are
key factors that the metaverse need.

Safe & Secure Transactions
Encrypted and Kept Private
Multiple Payment Gateway
KYC Verification

Token Economics


500,000,000 Token supply :
90,000,000 Token for public :
18 Token Decimal

Bonus Details

chart Token Allocation
  • Marketing & operation : 25%
  • Partners 23%
  • Privet Round : 22.5%
  • Ecosystem: 12.5%
  • Team: 8 8%
  • Advisor : 5 5%
  • Seed Round : 4%
chart Funds Allocation
  • Engineering and Development 40%
  • Business Development 12%
  • Marketing & Promotion 20%
  • Legal & Regulation 10%
  • Operational & Administration 8%
  • Contingency 4%
  • Partners 6%


White Paper (PDF)
One Pager (PDF)
Terms of Sales (PDF)
Privacy & Policy (PDF)


Beta Products




Core Team Member

Ahmad abraham
CEO & Lead Blockchain
Jonathan Rios
CTO & Software Engineer
Jason Morales
Sr.Backend developer
Joseph Jordan
Software Engineer

Board Advisor

Patrick Harper
Board Advisor
Richard Simmons
Technical Advisor
Alexander Brooks
Board Advisor


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QatarMetaCup is a token on BEP-20 network A symbol ofQatarMetaCup is QATAR Total supply is only : 500.000.000 token

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